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About Us

Wolf Engineering was created as a Father and Son team.
Their main business was the grinding and re-grooving of rolls for the Flour Milling
and Stockfeed Industry. As years progressed the company expanded making Roller Mills.

With more than 60 years experience, Wolf Engineering and Millwrights Pty Ltd specialises
in efficient grain milling and handling equipment. We use chilled cast iron rollers,
the toughest and most suitable material for the purpose. While the roller is the heart
of your mill, all other Wolf components and assemblies are made from selected steels
and expertly fabricated and assembled to the highest standards of traditional workmanship.

Wolf Engineering refurbish and restore old mills to new Wolf Mill standards.
Because we manufacture our own components, we have the skills and resources
on-site to re-condition and renovate mills of all makes, models, sizes and types.

Worn, blunt or damaged rollers are expertly re-ground and fluted by our skilled tradesmen.

Wolf Engineering and Millwrights expertly fabricate and assemble reliable mills for all
applications using chilled cast iron rollers and the best quality steel components.

Models available include portable (electric and tractor driven) or
fixed models from 300kg/hour to 30 or more tonnes/hour. Capacity
varies according to grain type and condition and roller gap settings.

Wolf Mills are used in commercial mills, Feedlots, Dairy Farms, Cattle and Horse Studs,
Piggeries, Poultry Farms for the purpose of feeding freshly crushed grains to live stock,
thus giving the animal the full protein value of the grain. We also make Roller Mills
for the Boutique Brewery and re-groove their rolls. Our Mills are renowned for their
strength, ease of maintenance, long roll life and the low cost on re-grooving.

We make a variety of different sized Roller Mill models using the best wear-resistant
rolls available. We also make other manufacturers rolls in alloy
steel, flute and heat treat them if required. We can also use
chilled rolls, if required, and re-groove to client's requirements.